Triple Burner

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This configuration comes with 3 burner shelves and the brewing stand. You would use this configuration if your HLT, MLT, and Boil Kettle all are direct fired. Finally a brewing stand tat offers the brewer infinite adjustability that can be reconfigured at any time you choose. The Top Tier adapts to your changing brewing techniques and equipment. You choose how the type of tiers you want, and where to put them.

GAS MANIFOLD: Due to the modularity of this product, which is it's best feature, it does require the customer to purchase a couple pieces of 1/2" pipe and assemble a gas manifold for it. For example, you could have 1,2, or 3 burner tiers (balance being shelves) needing fuel, and these can be installed on any of the 4 faces and at any height. Had we designed a limited fixed configuration stand like others offer, we would have included the piping. But that means you'd be stuck with that configuration and could never change it as your equipment, batch size and brewing process changed and developed.

Fortunately we do include nearly all the fittings you'll need. With the product you'll receive a black iron tee and a brass flare adapter for each tier, and also a plug to cap off the top of the manifold. All you'll have to provide are the straight lengths of pipe which are readily available in a variety of lengths at your local hardware store or home improvement center. If you want a specific length, many of these stores will cut and thread your pipe to length for free or for a small fee. If you don't have a plumbing supply store nearby is an on-line source for these parts. The manual provided with the stand includes detailed instructions and photo's on assembling your manifold. We also provide a nice stainless steel bellows type gas hose to connect the burner to the manifold, and hardware to mount the pipe manifold to the stand - these are the more difficult and expensive parts to aquire that are not available at the above stores.

We believe that this small inconvenience is greatly outweighed by the great flexibility this product offers...

  • Fits any manufacturers pots and kegs up to 21 in. dia and up to 30gal! Reuse your existing equipment!
  • Heavy gauge powder coated steel legs and high strength aluminum mast with t-slot mounting system
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel burner frame never rusts! And no nasty paint burning fumes!
  • Burners/shelves are infinitely adjustable on the t-slot mounting post and can be installed on all 4 faces of the stand!
  • This product is shipped FedEx Ground from the manufacturer, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery
  • This product does not qualify for any other discounts

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