Brewmasters Warehouse

is now part of 

Northern Brewer

"I am so excited to share the news that Brewmasters Warehouse has joined Northern Brewer.

I dedicated years of time and energy to create Brew Builder™, the ground breaking platform that allowed home brewers to purchase easily the ingredients contained in recipes that other passionate home brewers had created, published and shared.

After a lot of thought and much discussion, I believe that Northern Brewer is the one company with the resources, vision and passion to take Brew Builder and Brewmasters Warehouse to the next level.  

And, I am confident that Northern Brewer shares the same passionate commitment to supporting home brewers that was the foundation of Brew Builder and Brewmasters Warehouse."

Ed Meyer

Founder, Brewmasters Warehouse

Creator of Brew Builder™

Brew Builder

Brew Builder! 

Your great beer relies on the best ingredients.  Our recipe kits are built to order so every kit is guaranteed fresh.  With Brew Builder you’ll be getting the same high quality ingredients found in all Northern Brewer kits..

Create a Masterpice! 

Best ingredients

It's Authentic!

Grains, Hops, Yeast, Extras....

It's your creation, see it here and others can buy it now.  

Make it easy for you

to Re-Order Later.

Love your brew?

Brew Builder lets others love it too.  Brew Builder will take the recipes you create and convert them to one easy to purchase kit.

Every detail of your recipe matters to the taste, smell and color.  Each kit will be made to the exact specifications of the author.

Brew Builder will be coming back soon ... 

Make sure that you are the first to know

Northern Brewer has the most comprehensive offering of beer kits in the world. We have over twenty years of experience in homebrewing and we constantly search for the newest and freshest ingredients to add to our beer kits.

We’re so confident in the quality of our beer kits, we’ll replace any kit, anytime, no questions asked.

We Guarantee it!

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